Arrow  | 鈴鹿哲生
Arrow  | 鈴鹿哲生


Size : 76.4"x51.3"(194x130.3)cm


Baroque period artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini worked on his white marble sculptural group
"Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" between 1647 and 1652.
e artwork depicts a dream sequence in which an angel repeatedly strikes a burning golden spear into the heart of a Carmelite nun.
In this vision, the piercing spear brings Teresa both pain and religious ecstasy.

To feel, is to be conscious.

One of the challenges of articial intelligence research is something known as the frame problem.
e problem is that factoring how the changes, which may be sudden, intentional or accidental,
are relevant to the goal produces an innite number of possible outcomes.
Given a limited compute capacity, even a super-intelligent AI can struggle to process tremendous amounts of information generated by the constantly changing world.
While humans also labor under computational constraints,
we are armed with "concepts" and through a conscious or subconscious selection process can arrive to a decision, sidestepping the frame problem.

e question is whether the ery golden spear of conception can spark consciousness in a program.
is series of works we overlay that particular take on the origin of consciousness with Buddhist concept of enlightenment.

"I" am the state of supreme self awareness.
As data dreams, it is my heart being pierced by arrows of cognition.