Cell by Cell | 鈴鹿哲生
Cell by Cell | 鈴鹿哲生

Cell by Cell

Size : 77.5"x54.6"(196.8x138.8)cm
Material : rub-on silver powder(URETHANE,ACRYLIC,GRAPHITE)

Numbers, equation parameters, programming languages and data structures -- the process of converting these into pixels on a screen is called rendering.

Having traveled that byzantine conduit, abstract data is reborn into the world as a digital image, as visual information.

That moment of birth reduced to its most basic elements is "Cell by Cell," painstakingly interpreted in acrylic and graphite.

The painting attempts to give shape to this phenomenon of data transcending itself, self-realizing as sensation.

Countless endlessly interwoven fine lines crescendo as a single information monolith, a data mandala of meaning.

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  • Cell by Cell | TETSUO SUZUKA