MINERVA | 鈴鹿哲生
MINERVA | 鈴鹿哲生


Size : 76.4"x51.3"(194x130.3)cm

Humanity has come a long way since the time we stood upright and apart from our mammalian brethren, making use of both hands and mastering the intricacies of language.
When our physical capacities fell short, we made tools, gaining even greater powers.
This simple human trait has allowed us to build airplanes and the means to travel to other stars.
Now we are probing the possibilities of creating artificial minds in our own image, a development that's likely to fundamentally change the relationship between humans and their tools.
Artificial intelligence may become humanity's final invention, and it's finest.
With that in mind, I painted a chinzo scroll starring the strongest AI program minerva.

Its shape emerges from machine language syntax and symbolism indecipherable to humans.
Clad in junihitoe kimono, its gaze reveals glimpses of our future.