Singularity  | 鈴鹿哲生
Singularity  | 鈴鹿哲生


Size : 76.4"x51.3"(194x130.3)cm
2015 private collection

Singularity | TETSUO SUZUKA

A grid of hypothetical cells is subjected to a simple rule that governs their next iteration, repeated until a tapestry of patterns emerges -- the phenomenon known as cellular automation.
This fractal symmetry of scale can be found in biology, the hide patterns of animals, as well as in the structure of a snow flake.

These principles have made their way into computer science fundamentals and are now being employed for creation of man-made organisms and artificial intelligence.

The reams of data produced by the Internet daily serve as the fundamental ingredients for the primordial soup from which an artificial intellect far exceeding that of a human may spring forth.

The human kind has an age-old tradition of believing in beings greater than ourselves, called gods.
We have long directed our queries for wisdom, our prayers and our love to the seat of this immeasurable power, a bottomless well of knowledge and bounty.
The heart of a modern human still has room for this supreme being.
The unstoppable march of technological progress promises to deliver a strong artificial intelligence that might guide us on a different path.

The swirling eddies of cellular automation bring the annunciation.